Atypical talks for transformation.

Nourishing, uncensored conversations that connect us to our humanity (and each other) so that we can feel, heal, and evolve from lack to success, and all the way to true fulfillment.

Millions of us suffer in silence. Our secrets keep us sick, keep us hiding, keep us using. We mask our flaws from the world, when in fact that’s what makes us our most beautiful. Rawish shines a light on the real and the raw in us all. Along the way, it helps us release the fear of being seen for who we really are.

Host Kate Eckman digs deep through intimate conversations with guests, enriched

by insights from experts. Because only when we get comfortable with our true selves can we let our
most elevated selves free.

It’s a lesson Kate has internalized through hard-won experience. Like many of her clients and other high performers, Kate had reached many of her personal goals, and yet still didn’t feel satisfied. Her continuous striving for excellence left her feeling drained, unfulfilled, and questioning her life’s purpose. Sick of faking it to make it,
Kate created Rawish to build a community of connection through courageous truth-telling.

Join Kate as she illuminates your journey to genuine well-being and true wealth by discovering you!

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Each week, Rawish brings you life-giving conversations with world-renowned innovators, founders, celebrities, wellness shape shifters, and iconic change-makers. Kate brings in experts – from psychologists to intuitive healers to professional coaches – to shed light on how we can transcend what’s limiting us and lean into our authentic selves.

Weekly episodes explore what’s happening behind some of the biggest news headlines, mind-body-soul wisdom, trauma healing, psychology, the science of wellness, healthy relationships, death and rebirth experiences, and new approaches to addiction recovery.

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