MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKING, Webinars, and Workshops

My favorite part of life is connecting deeply with others.

For me, public speaking is about doing just that. Through powerful personal stories combined with research-backed tips, I strive to deliver instantly relatable presentations that leave audiences moved and wanting more. My expertise in performance, communications, and mindfulness are my offering to audiences. Frankness, humor, and vulnerability are my tools to connect with them.

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Kate helps to ignite a renewed sense of purpose, confidence, and empowerment over one’s own life. She radiates what it truly means to be authentically powerful — which gives audiences the permission and guidance to transform their lives. The simple tools and exercises are achievement accelerators.

Eduardo Placer

CEO, Fearless Communicators

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History + Experience

Two Decades of Inspiring
Positive Change & Growth

I’ve been speaking publicly for 20 years to teams and organizations across the country. My mission is to always deliver high-energy, dynamic, and entertaining presentations that capture not only my audience’s attention, but also their hearts. 

I speak about self-confidence, empowered communication, building inner strength and resilience to withstand any storm, converting thought patterns into energy for breakthrough results, achieving peak performance through mental mastery, mindfully creating championship teams, and adapting to challenges while navigating career transition.
Here you’ll find a sampling of my most requested virtual and live programs. Contact me to present on one of these topics, or to discuss creating a custom presentation, webinar, or workshop for your team or organization.

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Most requested live and virtual programs

How to Maximize Leadership Performance, Impact, and Influence

In this powerful program, I use my signature mind-body-spirit approach to teach the most effective ways to boost confidence. You’ll learn research-backed strategies for supercharging self-confidence, allowing you to improve performance and achieve greater professional success while also experiencing more personal fulfillment. 

In this session, you’ll:

  • Discover and implement the 5 Ps of confidence
  • Uncover mental and emotional patterns that sabotage confidence
  • Learn techniques to overcome a scarcity mindset and improve decision-making
  • Develop your optimism and resilience, which translate into achieving valued goals

Converting Thought Patterns into Bursts of Energy that Lead to Breakthrough Results

Physical metabolism is how our bodies convert what we eat and drink into energy. Our mental metabolism is how we convert thought patterns into energy. If our thoughts are constantly negative and we are blindly leading with bad habits, we’re squandering our precious energy. 

On the other hand, if we recognize our strengths, lead with those, and work to build good habits and positive mindsets, we boost our positive energy. That’s why it’s imperative we examine our thought habits and mental metabolism every day. How can we improve our mental metabolism? The key is identifying, leveraging, and building on our strengths.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Plan and set yourself up for success every day
  • Adapt to challenges 
  • Look beyond yourself for resilience and fulfillment
  • Align your goals with your strengths, values, and priorities
  • Give up habitual negative thinking or self-talk
  • Stay committed to new and improved perspectives, even when it’s tempting to fall back into old thought patterns and behaviors

Say What You Want to Get What You Want

Communication is critical to success, and we’re most effective when we know how to get our needs met through cooperation and the willing contributions of others. 

Empowered communication shows us how to use language to exchange information, resolve differences, and meet our own needs — all while honoring and respecting our own values and those of our team members. The outcome is an environment of mutual respect, greater cooperation, and enhanced productivity.

In this program, you’ll learn the keys to empowered communication and actionable steps that can be implemented immediately to:

  • Strengthen self-awareness
  • Accelerate productivity and performance
  • Create and maintain winning habits
  • Inspire collaboration over competition 
  • Maximize positive outcomes and desired results

Achieve Peak Team Performance through
Mental and Spiritual Mastery

A championship season is created minute by minute, day by day. As my national team swim coach, Larry Lyons, would always say: “If you take care of the little things, the big things will take care of themselves.” 

To create your championship season, I share my unique methodology to empower you and your team to overcome roadblocks undermining your goals — such as excess mental and emotional baggage, deep-seated insecurity, self-judgment, and overwhelming stress and anxiety.

Attendees with walk away with:

  • Neuroscience-based practices that bolster resilience and inner strength
  • Tools to cultivate an Appreciator vs. Criticizer mindset 
  • Exercises to build community and collaboration
  • A game plan to actualize your team’s full potential 

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As a sportscaster, I’m going to put this in baseball terms: Kate hit a grand slam! Her speech affected everyone in the room. She’s able to look at herself, give a positive message, and have people feed off of that message. I think she’s a powerful speaker who is going to touch lives wherever she goes because she makes people look at themselves.

Steve Burton

Sports Anchor and Reporter, CBS Boston

I hired Kate to speak at our A-Rod Corp Summit and her keynote was raw, brave, and mind-expanding.
Alex Rodriguez

Chairman and CEO, A-Rod Corp

I would like to express my deep appreciation for the opportunity to meet Kate Eckman at the ACG virtual event. Kate inspired me and unleashed great emotion during her moving presentation. Through her experiences both traumatic and life-changing, Kate has found her destiny in spreading the word of hope, love, confidence, and beauty of life. Kate has a profound sense of positivity and light and it is contagious. Her coaching of life lessons and spiritual development certainly provides a blueprint for daily living.
Diane Albano

Chief Revenue Officer, Globalization Partners

Kate Eckman is a phenomenal speaker and coach. We hired Kate to deliver a powerful keynote to a large group of orthodontists and their team members, and her message and training were both engaging and uplifting. Kate had a unique way of connecting with our teams that left a lasting impression. I can’t recommend her enough. Her message can be applied in any industry.
Dr. Douglas Shaw

Co-founder, Orthopreneurs

Kate’s speech was incredible. It was from the heart. She touched all of the people in the audience. It was meaningful, and I’m thrilled that we were able to have her as our keynote speaker.
Robin Clebnick

Multi-Service Eating Disorders Association

It was a privilege to see Kate Eckman speak to us. She’s very personal, very caring, very genuine. She has a lot of important things to say, and I hope she says a lot more to audiences in the future.
Chris Tecce


From the very second that I met Kate, I knew that she was special and that she was different. She has a wonderful soul, and I feel very lucky we got to have her as a speaker. She was exceptional in every way.
Susan Altman

Health Coach

I attended the ‘I Am Courage’ event in New York City, and Kate’s words meant so much to me. She is an inspiration. I am looking at others with more love and compassion than before, thanks to Kate.
Alexis Dudley