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inner game of life.

As a success coach, I empower high-achieving individuals to actualize their full potential. With a results-driven method rooted in neuroscience, positive psychology, and whole-person coaching techniques, I help my clients succeed in and out of the boardroom and on and off the field.

My unique mind-body-spirit approach delivers results.

Through one-on-one, personalized coaching, you'll experience greater focus, energy, and presence. This will lead you to increased performance and resilience, more meaningful relationships, newfound confidence, greater well-being, and true fulfillment. My technique helps you excel at the game of life via research-backed strategies.

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Kate holds weekly chats with world-renowned innovators, founders, celebrities, wellness shape shifters, and iconic change-makers.
She brings in experts – from psychologists to intuitive healers to professional coaches – to shed light on how we can transcend what’s limiting us and lean into our authentic selves.

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My commitment is to equip leaders with the tools, methodology, and energetic boost they need to succeed. I bring tested expertise in communications, performance, and mindfulness to the table, along with experience as an entrepreneur and elite athlete.

I hold coaching certifications through the International Coaching Federation and Columbia University's 3CP program, which is grounded in Columbia's High Impact Coaching Process and the science of human performance.

As a meditation teacher and course creator for Insight Timer, the world’s number-one ranked free meditation app, I’m passionate about mindfulness practices for both brain and body health. I’m also a licensed NBI® consultant, trained in helping clients assess their thinking preferences to leverage insights for creativity, innovation, and communication strategies in all areas of life.

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Personal &
Team Coaching

Showing up for others doesn't always mean we show up for ourselves. That's where our work begins. My approach to coaching is based on the understanding that when we take care of our inner world, our outer world takes care of itself.

As your coach, I'll serve as your thought partner to help you identify who you are beneath your titles and labels, as well as to clarify your priorities and values. Then we'll co-create a customized Winning the Game plan to get you from where you are now to where you most want to be.

Coaching is an interactive, intentional process. I bring a high level of presence, professionalism, and infectious enthusiasm to every coaching engagement — and you can be sure we’ll have some fun along the way.

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Motivational Speaking, Webinars, and Workshops

In my two decades of public speaking, audience members have praised my presentations as high-energy, dynamic, and entertaining. My aim is to capture not just my audience’s attention, but also their hearts. 

I speak to teams and organizations across the country about leadership confidence, building championship teams, achieving peak performance, communicating for success, and converting thought patterns into energy for breakthrough results.

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The Full Spirit Workout

A 10-Step System to Shed Your Self-Doubt, Strengthen Your Spiritual Core, and Create a Fun & Fulfilling Life

Excel at the Game of Life via
Research-Backed Strategies

We all understand the basics of physical fitness, and many resources teach mindfulness, business skills, and entrepreneurial chutzpah. But often undermining these goals are less-tangible roadblocks — excess mental and emotional baggage, deep-seated insecurity, self-judgment, and overwhelming stress and anxiety. 

In The Full Spirit Workout, I draw from my multifaceted training (as an athlete, executive leadership coach, and meditation teacher) to present a program that empowers you to break through these blocks and accomplish your goals. It’s a rewarding workout made up of daily mind-body-spirit exercises and neuroscience-based practices that bolster resilience and inner strength. Best of all, I build in creativity, flexibility, and delight, so that each “rep” feels less like work and more like play.

Let's Work out! No sweating required.

“Kate Eckman is one of those humans who makes you feel good about being human. Having read her book, I now know why.”

CLINTON KELLY / Emmy Award-winning Television Host, Stylist, and Author of Freakin’ Fabulous


Discover the companion course to The Full Spirit Workout and explore my other self-guided courses on self-confidence; relationships; healthy body image; and shedding self-doubt, judgment, labels, and limitations — anything that weighs us down.

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A Drive to Thrive

I understand the pressures and demands to always be “on” —  to perform at a high level and as an exceptional team player. Many of my clients share the same background: They're business leaders, professional athletes, and top performers in their fields. They're driven to win and to create a positive impact in their own lives, as well as the world around them.

They know success and they're ready for more. More meaning, that's it. As many of my clients are discovering in our work together, true success is more than just what we achieve on the outside. The feeling of joy and peace that comes from fulfilling our life’s purpose and creating a lasting legacy is priceless.

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I hired Kate to speak at our A-Rod Corp Summit and her keynote was raw, brave, and mind-expanding.
Alex Rodriguez

Chairman and CEO, A-Rod Corp

I had the pleasure of studying with Kate during our executive coaching intensive program at Columbia University. I not only learned from her, lessons I have incorporated into my practice, but I was also inspired by her. Kate's energy and enthusiasm are infectious. When our training group needed a jolt of positivity, we turned to Kate. She delivered. She has a presence about her that lights up a room. One interaction and people experience it for themselves.
Matt Spielman

Founder and CEO, Inflection Point Partners

Kate Eckman is truly a gift. Her book, The Full Spirit Workout, is full of practical strategies, inspired insights, and wisdom to help anyone unlock their potential and live wholeheartedly. It's a must-read!
Regina Bryan

TV Host, Women of Empowered Living

I feel like a completely different person after working with Kate.
Jay Godbole

Managing Director, GP Fund Solutions

Kate is 100% authentic, real as they come and one of the most genuine people I have ever met. Her ability to use her own vulnerability and life struggles to motivate others is unparalleled. Every time I speak to Kate, she gives me so much energy to confront the difficult things in my life head on. Not many people are willing to share the pain and turbulent times and use those situations to make them stronger. It’s truly a rare quality, and I am so thankful that she shares her stories to help others along their journey.
Chris McSwain

CEO, Top Flight Elite

Kate has an intuitive spirit that connects vibrantly, deeply and with purpose to the nature of whomever she is working with. While her gifts are many – intellect, energy, life and work experience, passion, compassion, and a keen awareness of the world around us – one of her greatest gifts is her ability to make you feel like the most important person in the world. She listens with great empathy, coaxes out the real issues and is adept at asking the perfect question at the perfect time to create awareness, learning and motivation. Kate is a visionary, adeptly guiding you to see within yourself that which really matters. Once discovered, she has the experience and resources to draw on to help you get the most out of your vision, providing accountability with compassion and integrity. Begin an engagement with Kate Eckman and witness what I know to be true – that your time will be rewarded with a journey toward discovering and celebrating your best self.
Vanessa Tennyson

CEO, Capitalize Your Humanity

Kate has taught me so much about confidence, not just in her spoken wisdom, but in the way she walks through the world. She has an amazing way of recognising the real and unique beauty in each of us, and teasing that out so we can lead with our own light. She is a true blessing.
Beth Kempton

Bestselling author of Wabi Sabi: Japanese wisdom for a perfectly imperfect life

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