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Pros with the DRIVE TO THRIVE

Many of my clients share a similar background: They're business leaders, professional athletes, and high performers in their fields. They're driven to win — to create a positive impact in their own lives and the world around them. But the pressure to show up and perform at a high level at all times can have them feeling out of balance, anxious, and overwhelmed. They're committed to achieving even greater success, but they’re also ready to experience the kind of true success that can only come from within.

What They're Experiencing

Leadership Challenges

Strong results require strong leadership. Today’s leaders have the training and tools, but often something’s missing: confidence. Through my extensive research and my own personal journey, I’ve discovered that true leadership is what I call an inside job. Research shows that working with a certified professional coach plays a significant role in allowing leaders to improve performance and achieve greater professional success, while also experiencing more personal fulfillment.

High achievers typically have two serious obsessions: performance and perfection.

Whether in the boardroom or on the field, these dual obsessions are what make us exceptional at what we do. But they can also come with a high price. On the outside, we're confident, capable, accomplished. On the inside, however, we may feel an enormous sense of pressure and self-doubt. Everyone loves us when we're winning, but what happens when our performance lags or we can't sustain the high bar we've set for ourselves? And while we're busy being addicted to outperforming in our professional lives, our personal lives often suffer. We may find it difficult to prioritize our well-being. 

What to expect

A unique approach
That delivers Results

As your coach, I'll guide you to identify who you are beneath your titles, labels, accolades, and reputation. Whether you've just started in a high-powered career, you’re mid-stride, or you're ready to transition out of the spotlight, I'll help you clarify your priorities and values. Then we’ll co-create a game plan using my proprietary methodology that aligns with your desired outcomes. Our work is based on the understanding that when we take care of our inner world, our outer world takes care of itself.

My unique mind-body-spirit approach delivers measurable results, including:

Increased focus, effectiveness, and presence
Stronger performance and resilience
Greater Confidence, clarity, and energy
A sense of freedom, joy, and fulfillment
A feeling of well-being and greater purpose
More effective and empowered communication

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Coach / speaker / author / teacher

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My approach to coaching is designed to help you make intentional, meaningful progress toward achieving your goals. I'm also available to deliver keynotes, host webinars and workshops, and facilitate off-site corporate events to energize and inspire, challenge, and engage teams to be even more aligned and successful.

I create customized presentations and programs to develop leaders, transform organizations, and build confidence. This is done using whole-person coaching techniques and neuroscience-based best practices, with a strong emphasis on uncovering and deeply diving into an individual or organization’s values — also known as their “why.” I often inquire, “What is important to you right now and why?”

All of my services are interactive, which encourages strong engagement and leaves a lasting impact on participants, who learn new strategies they can implement immediately and practice every day.

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