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My unique mind-body-spirit approach to coaching is a results-driven method rooted in neuroscience, positive psychology, and whole-person coaching techniques. I combine extensive coaching training with life-tested experience to equip leaders like you with the tools, methodology, and energetic boost you need to excel in every area of your life. My expertise and training in communications, performance, and mindfulness inform my approach, which also draws on my history as an entrepreneur and elite athlete.

I offer one-on-one and group coaching designed to help you or your team experience greater focus, energy, and presence — plus increased performance and resilience. This is your invitation to get real about what’s happening within you, at your core. So you can experience more meaningful personal and professional relationships, newfound confidence, greater well-being, and true fulfillment.

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I’ve seen firsthand the transformational benefits that can occur when we take care of our inner world, so that our outer world can take care of itself.

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I work with business leaders, professional athletes, accomplished entrepreneurs, and top performers in their fields. Some are just getting started in a high-powered career, many are mid-stride, and others are preparing to transition out of the spotlight. They all share a drive to win and to create a positive impact in their own lives, as well as the world around them. But the pressure to show up and perform at a high level at all times can have them feeling out of balance, anxious, insecure and overwhelmed. 

As a high-achiever myself, I get it. I understand the pressures and demands to always be “on." If this sounds like you, too, then you probably share in the obsession with performance and perfection — and you're all too familiar with the self-doubt and fear that can come with living up to high expectations. To add to the challenge, while we're busy worrying about outperforming in our professional lives, our personal lives often suffer. And we can find it difficult to prioritize our own well-being. 

Showing up for others doesn't always mean we show up for ourselves. That's where our work in coaching begins.

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Your Customized WINNING THE GAME Plan

As your coach, I'll guide you in identifying who you are beneath your titles, labels, accolades, and reputation. I'll also help you clarify your personal as well as professional priorities and values. Using my proprietary methodology that aligns with your desired outcomes, we'll co-create a customized Winning the Game plan to get you from where you are now to where you most want to be.

Coaching is an interactive, intentional process, and each session is designed to help you make deliberate, conscious progress toward your goals. Whether we’re working one-on-one or I’m guiding your team experience, I'll bring a high-level of presence, professionalism, and infectious enthusiasm to every coaching engagement — and you can be sure we’ll have some fun along the way.

In our coaching sessions, we’ll uncover obstacles, unconscious blocks, or beliefs that have been holding you back from actualizing your full potential. You'll learn daily habits and new strategies that you can implement to advance toward your goals. Accountability is also key to our coaching relationship, and I’ll encourage and support you through every phase of your journey.

You’ll develop a clearer understanding of yourself, fresh ways of looking at challenges (aka opportunities), and greater possibilities for action and connection that lead to growth, lasting change, and true fulfillment.

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coaching packages

A multi-session coaching engagement gives you room for exploration, with the time and space you need to establish new patterns of behaviors that lead to growth and lasting change.

Everything we share is confidential. I create a psychologically safe space for you to open up and expand in a completely non-judgmental environment focused exclusively on you.

Together, we’ll create practical, customized solutions that will help you make profound and lasting change. Each coaching session is designed to help you make deliberate, conscious progress toward your goals. You’ll learn vital tools and tried-and-true methods that produce measurable results.

For pricing and packages, and to schedule a free discovery call, please get in touch. I look forward to working together as your thought partner!
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Experience a Profound

Return on Investment

Research shows that working with a certified professional coach plays a significant role in accelerating goal achievement, increasing performance, and experiencing greater professional success, as well as more personal fulfillment. My clients tell me that coaching has contributed to their leadership effectiveness, focus, and overall sense of well-being. They report feeling more confident, clear, and energized. They are able to communicate more effectively. Their lives feel purposeful and balanced. They don’t have to try as hard — they more easily attract the people, opportunities, and experiences they’ve always wanted.


As many of my clients are discovering in our work together, true success is more than just what we achieve on the outside. Being able to empower the people around us and make them better, too, while living our life’s purpose and leaving behind a lasting legacy is priceless.

My unique mind-body-spirit approach delivers measurable results, including:

Increased focus, optimism, and presence

Stronger performance and resilience

Greater confidence, clarity, and energy

More effective and empowered communication

A sense of freedom, joy, and fulfillment

A feeling of well-being and greater purpose

Coach with me
Kate Eckman is a phenomenal speaker and coach. We hired Kate to deliver a powerful keynote to a large group of orthodontists and their team members, and her message and training were both engaging and uplifting. Kate had a unique way of connecting with our teams that left a lasting impression. I can’t recommend her enough. Her message can be applied in any industry.
Dr. Douglas Shaw

Co-founder, Orthopreneurs

Kate has a profound sense of positivity and light and it is contagious. Her coaching of life lessons and spiritual development certainly provides a blueprint for daily living.
Diane Albano

Chief Revenue Officer, Globalization Partners

Kate has helped me grow tremendously as a leader. She is highly skilled as an executive coach, challenging me to dig deep and identify strengths I haven’t considered before, which has made me more confident in my role. Her fresh (and refreshing!) perspective has enabled me to make an even greater impact in my organization.
Jay Godbole

Managing Director, GP Fund Solutions

I had the pleasure of working with Kate Eckman throughout my basketball season this past year. We focused on maintaining mental toughness while dealing with whatever circumstances may erupt. I love how she is authentic and asks questions that stimulate my thought process. She always brings positive energy to our conversations. Her aura is like no other. What I love about Kate's work is that she measures her success on the ability to create success for others.
Matt Coleman

Big12 Tournament MVP, Texas Men's Basketball

I wholeheartedly recommend Kate and her work. I can see why she's universally appealing to everyone from professional athletes to CEOs to everyday folks.
Paul Fioravanti

CEO and Managing Partner, Qorval Partners

I am so thankful that I found Kate. She not only helped me find the confidence within myself to transition to a new career, she also helped me figure out what I really wanted to accomplish. She is an outstanding listener, asks thought-provoking questions, and always gave me great "homework" to help turn her advice into action.
Erica Grow

Owner, Principal Consultant and Broadcast Meteorologist, Weather Elevate

I can’t think of a more grounded, wise, emotionally intelligent and compassionate coach. Kate is a natural magnet; she brings people together, she emanates positivity and is always about supporting others to be their best self.
Julie Reisler

CEO, The School of Sacredology