Relationship Reboot

Reset and Reprogram Your Core Beliefs to Experience True Love with Yourself and Others


Get ready to discover the powerful perspective shifts and practices to prepare your heart, body, personality, beliefs, and home for real love — the kind of love you seek and the kind of love your current or future partner deserves.


About this Course

If you said, “Hell, yes!” this course is for you. 

When we experience disappointment in any relationship, especially a romantic one, it’s extremely tempting to slip into the blame game, focusing on everything the other person said or did wrong.

But I’ve found that judging, criticizing, and blaming another feels just as debilitating as a breakup itself. Getting over our heartache isn’t about convincing ourselves we are better off without some “jerk,” but rather focusing on where we got it wrong and could improve. Even if the demise of our relationships are 90 percent the other person’s fault, we still have to look at our 10 percent.

When we begin to look at our relationships as adventuresome assignments for ultimate personal development and soul growth, we will understand we were brought together to learn from one another.

Course Details

Signing up for this course will equip you with the knowledge to:

Set yourself up for success and feel empowered in all of your relationships.

Develop the mindset you need to attract and keep your dream partner.

Bless, forgive, and release any past or present negative energy.

Understand your triggers and better manage your emotions.

Share and receive a deeply nourishing, lasting love.

Establish core belief systems that serve your highest good.

Use mindfulness to practice self-compassion.

Recognize the blessing behind rejection.

Stay detached from outcomes and the opinions of others.

Identify the inner work required to allow your relationships to flourish.

Show up fully for yourself and others as a happy, healthy partner.

Implement the exercises and step-by-step techniques into your daily life.

What you get with the Relationship Reboot course:

2 videos

2 downloadable audios

1 downloadable PDF workbook with journal prompts

Course Curriculum



Step-by-step guidance and techniques for creating more fulfilling, long-lasting relationships, including the one big question you need to ask yourself.



An illuminating thought experiment that will lead you to your ideal mate or help you determine if your partner is truly a match.




Insightful questions, activities, and prompts to attract the kind of love you seek and the kind of love your current or future partner deserves.

Relationship Reboot is yours for $39.99.

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